From Blake Lively no stylist

Have Blake lively and perhaps difficult personal life (she dated Leonardo DiCaprio, and now she, along with Ryan Reynolds), but there is one thing that she don’t worry – the stylist.

«I don’t work with a stylist» — said the actress. «I dress as I feel. Sometimes things are beautiful, but they look bad in the photo. I don’t look at the picture of me on the people.»

The beautiful blonde is no problem with the style is a characteristic of her character in Gossip girl Serena van der Woodsen. In addition to her sense of style she has an amazing hairstyle and she dreams about pregnancy.

«What I do is come out of the shower, make a bun on head, a little dried hair, then again make the beam» she explained. «Then I dissolve the hair, and they become wavy. I am very happy that I have the same hair, but sometimes, they don’t look so good!».

While many stars in Hollywood like the hair lively, the actress says that he admires the other blonde.

«Rosie Huntington always looks flawless,» says lively, «Even walking down the street, she looks Royal and very elegant, I like it.»

Blake engaged in charitable pastries, and all the income from sales of the cupcakes will get starving in Somalia.

«They are delicious and really help those in need. In August it became known that within 90 days died 29 000 and 649 000 children are still facing death now because of the worst famine in 60 years,» she said. «It’s very sad. I understand that people will not just write a check to charity with nothing in return. So it’s a great way to encourage people for a good cause».