Desperate Housewives — women’s ideal American tele-viewers

The television series «Desperate Housewives», which appeared on screens in 2004 in America, he immediately fell in love with the audience, not only in USA but also other countries.
What explains it such a resounding success?

Perhaps fans of the series will disagree with this, but the popularity of «Desperate Housewives» is that this is a real soap Opera. Yes, here we see the characteristic of the Brazilian series of kinks in the plot, we don’t need to closely follow the crazy twists and turns of the script to find out who is whose relative is, and if he didn’t have an affair with someone from the side line of the family?

And the characters themselves are not unlike those encountered in traditional sitcoms are a beautiful man under two meters tall athletic figure and long legged beauty with magnificent forms, all with a smolder look.
This series was 20 or even 10 years ago. But everything changes and we change too. Today people are not as naive as before. Therefore, the producers of the television channels in order to arouse the interest of come up with a more cynical series.

The transition from the old to the new series in America was the talented the TV series «Friends», which went on screens in 1994-2004. Do you remember the first series in a completely new format — «Sex in the city»? Let’s try to find the differences between the TV series «Sex in the city» and the TV series «Desperate Housewives».

Specific differences we find can not. Both series target audience corresponds to the «serials» contingent. Major fan of the series can be called the middle-aged lady, a real housewife with a family and a certain material base which must support it. However, in real life, as we know, nothing attractive there. Therefore, these women need a reminder that life is exactly the same women as they are, that there is a place and adventures, and victories over men, but over themselves.

«Sex in the city» and began to show these Americans that you can be attractive to other and to themselves. After him it began to make another series — «Desperate Housewives». Its creators followed the path of «Sex and the city», adding some of his touches, and achieved the desired result.